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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Just Hold On...You'll Be Perfect One Day

Life can be tough at times. Sickness comes. Heartache comes. Loneliness comes. A seemingly never-ending cycle of trials hit us, and we feel completely alone. Been there? I think we all have.
I've heard it said that you've either just come out of a trial, you're in the middle of a trial, or you're getting ready to face a trial. I used to think that this was pretty negative thinking, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that it was actually a pretty good thing. Hebrews 11 is the "Faith Chapter" of the Bible. It lists many heros in the faith, but then towards the end of the chapter it just lists things that people of faith have suffered. These things didn't weaken their faith. These things strengthened their faith.
As I said a few days ago, God won't put more on us than we can bear. He loves us, but He wants to draw us ever closer to Himself. He tests our faith to bring us into a more intimate relationship with Him.
God will use our trials as a testimony if only we will trust in Him to guide us through them. That doesn't mean that every situation will end in the way we want it to, but that God will show us He has a perfect will for our lives. He is in control.
I heard a message last night that put a lot of things in perspective for me. The world today seems like a crazy mess. Terrorists. Tornados. Hurricanes. Diseases. Earthquakes. Wars. The link I included tells about the thousands of people facing spiritual persecution. The thing is that despite how out of control the world may seem, God is still in control. He has a plan.
Jesus spoke in Luke 21 about the last days. He spoke about the perilous times that would come to this earth. He predicted it. That shows me that He isn't one bit surprised by it.
To me it just makes sense to put your trust in the one who knows what's going to happen. It just makes sense to follow His perfect will for my life because if He can plan out the future of the entire world, He can definitely handle MY future.
So if you're facing something that you don't understand, just hold on. God is right there with you. He's making you stronger. He's giving you a testimony. He's making you perfect in Him.
If you are facing a specific trial, and you want prayer help, please leave your request in the comments section. I'd be happy to share your prayer burden.


At 10:54 AM, Anonymous Ane Mulligan said...

Thanks, Heather, that was for me. It's a reminder we all need to hear from time to time.

At 2:55 PM, Blogger Gina Holmes said...

Great reminder Heather. I needed that too!

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