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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

A Charlie Brown Christmas

My favorite TV Christmas Special has always been "A Charlie Brown Christmas." Why? I guess because it always pointed out the true meaning of Christmas and made you realize that some things just aren't important. Even as a little girl I always got excited when Linus would take the stage and say, "Lights please!" then tell the Christmas story.
In these days of rushing through the holiday season, I sometimes feel like Charlie Brown. I want to scream, "Does anyone know what Christmas is all about??" Then I see a Christmas play where a little girl plays Mary and a little boy is being forced to stand by the manger as Joseph, and I realize that some people still remember. Some people still know the true reason for the season. And they're passing the story on.
Or I see a group of carolers at a nursing home, and I realize that some people still remember that Christmas is about love, about giving.
Now sightings of the true Christmas spirit may be fewer, but they're still out there, we just have to take time to look for them. We also have to make sure we are all doing our part to keep the true meaning of Christmas alive. So take some time today to share Christmas with someone.
Read the Christmas story to a child. Offer a helping hand to a neighbor. Spend some time with a lonely person at a nursing home. Sing a carol for all to hear.
Maybe, just maybe, someone will see you and say, "So that's what Christmas is all about!!"


At 8:35 AM, Anonymous mike duran said...

Hey Heather, your new profile pic confirms my assumptions. Either you're a.) full of the joy of the Lord or b.) a party animal. I suspect it's both.

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