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Friday, February 24, 2006

All Things Work Together

A few posts ago I gave a bit of my testimony about how I had to have major surgery last January. I also talked about how I didn't understand why I had to face it, but that through it all, God had drawn me closer to him.
Well, now I understand the why. See, I found out yesterday that my daddy has to face the same surgery. Now, I'm not going to say I'm excited about this, but I'm not worried. See, I've been there. I've faced the same storm, and God brought me through it, and I know he'll bring my dad through as well.
As I've said before, I'm a huge daddy's girl. When something happens to my daddy (or my mom for that matter), I lose it. That's my hardest area of trust. Its hard to hand over my parents to God. I know you parents out there probably think that sounds weird. After all, the parents are usually the ones that hold onto the kids, right? Well, let me tell you something, we children have a hard time handing you over to God as well.
It's hard to say, "Thy will be done." I mean, I don't know God's will, and sometimes God's will is hard to understand. But God wants all aspects of our lives. And regardless of the outcome of any situation, He will make all things work together for good to those He has called, as He tells us in Romans 8:28.
Last January, I had no understanding of why I was put on that table. Now that my dad is about to be put in the same place, I have full understanding. God was showing me that the same God who kept me will keep my dad. He had to teach me to trust in Him.
So, if you're going through something that you don't understand, remember God does have a purpose, and He is there to hold your hand and guide you through even the hardest trial.
And, if you think of it, offer a prayer up for my dad! Thanks!
I'm going to leave you today with a song I wrote a few years back:

I've come to a turn in life's road,
And everything is hard to understand.
I know that I can not bear this load,
Without Jesus to hold to my hand.

I've got to get alone with Jesus.
I've got to get alone to pray.
I've got to get alone to listen to what He wants to say to me today.
I don't know what direction He will send me,
But I know that He will help me to the end.
I've just got to get alone with Him.

He's standing in the shadows, just waiting for me to say,
I need to hear from You, Lord.
Please show me the way.
Show me the way.


At 9:07 AM, Blogger Peggy said...

today of all days I am glad I checked in here. I needed your post more than you will ever know. Will send up a prayer for your dad and please say a prayer for me and the things going on in right now. Thanks

At 9:45 AM, Blogger Corina Bowen said...

as usual your post hit right on mark! I had just went thru something a few days ago, where I was freaking out.. and God kept speaking to my heart "trust me, just trust me"... I would take a deep breath and be ok.. then later freak again when I started worrying.. again.. He would say "just trust me" I heard this in my spirit a few times.. I was tempted to do something not so Christian like to take care of it on my own... to take this down a path it shouldn't have gone. I choose not to, I choose to indeed trust Him, no matter how it turned out....
Well, He did take care of it in a way that could have ONLY been God... and I heard in my heart "see I told you to trust me"-- It turned out better than ever possible.. and had a suprise blessing attached to it! Praise God!
I will be in prayer all week for your dad.. right now I have a 7 day prayer thing going on...

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