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Monday, October 29, 2007

So I Believe I'm Supposed to Write Here...

Okay, just so you know, I have totally felt all of your prayers since my last post. God has given me peace about some situations by handling them completely, and He has given me peace about others by showing me that only HE can change some people and some things, and that my stressing over them is only hurting me. Trust me, that may sound like it was easy, but it wasn't, and I know that the way God helped me is through your prayers and the prayers of others surrounding me.
Anyway, I didn't post again last week because we had our fall festival for church Saturday. This event is normally held at my house, but we had 8 inches of rain last week (praise Jesus for this help during our drought situation!) so we figured parking about a hundred cars in our field probably wouldn't be the smartest move, so we moved the festival to our church. Thursday and Friday were spent running around like crazy trying to get things together. It all came together. But by 8 pm Saturday night, I was worn slap out. (That's NC speak for really tired.)
So that's my excuse for not posting. I promise to TRY to get back to posting a regular post tomorrow. But for today, I'd like to offer up a few requests:

1. My Aunt Teri is facing some sickness right now

2. Alaena's father (this falls under some of the only God can change things category, but he really needs prayer for spiritual matters right now)

3. Several friends who I am worried about in their spiritual walks

I pray that all of you are having a blessed Monday!


At 12:08 PM, Anonymous Dawn said...

Hope the Fall Festival was nice! Glad to see you're doing better! We miss you girl!


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