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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sometimes You Need Some Repetition...

I don't know how many of you listen to the Christian radio station KLove, but right now their pledge drive is going on. And yesterday the local guys took over our station to do a local push for KLove giving.
Anyway, right before they went off the air they played "Worthy Is the Lamb" by Third Day. Then they turned it back over to the network, and you know what they played, "Worthy Is the Lamb" by Third Day. So I heard the same song two times in a row.
And you know what, I needed to. Because God was really trying to get my attention. He wanted me to know that He is Worthy of my praise. He alone is Holy. He alone reigns.
Right now in our country it's easy to look at everything crazy that's going on and start to whine and complain. But no matter what the situation, Christians are to be people of praise. Because we have a God who is worthy of our praise. So praise Him today through all you do!


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