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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Rest in His Promise

Childhood is a time of bliss. A time where you don't realize all the bad things that COULD happen. I'll never forget the night that part of that bliss was ruined for my little brother, Ben.
My sister, Crystal, and I were already in bed. We'd made a habit of trying to get to sleep before Ben's annoying, I mean adorable little hamster, Teddy, decided to get his nightly excercise. Teddy would stay on that squeaky wheel ALL. NIGHT. LONG.
So Crystal and I were in our room trying to get to sleep when all of the sudden Ben came in and hysterically said, "Teddy's dead."
That wouldn't have meant much to us except for Ben was crying uncontrollably and speaking through sobs. What Ben said sounded like, "Daddy's dead."
Crystal and I joined Ben in his hysterics and began to scream, "NO!"
It was on this scene that my mom walked in and asked what in the world was going on. We told mom what Ben had said, and Ben said, "No, I said TEDDY. Not Daddy."
Crystal and I quickly calmed down, but Ben couldn't get any rest that night. He ended up coming into our room and making a pallette on the floor. See, he'd never realized before that Dad could actually die.
It's a sad thought when you think about how you'll be seperated from those that you love dearly. But the great thing about living life in Christ is that the seperation won't be an eternal one. If those loved ones believed in Christ, we will see them again.

Look at John 11:25, "Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live:"

Did you see that, "though he were dead, yet shall he live:" If we are in Christ we have the promise of life. Eternal life. A life beyond the realms of this physical body. I'm so glad for that promise.

Have you rested in that promise? Have you believed on Him?


At 8:58 AM, Blogger Margie said...

what a fabulous post!

Found you by going from blog to blog!

At 9:06 AM, Blogger Susanne said...

What a blessed promise that is!

At 10:36 AM, Blogger Janet Rubin said...

Hi Heather. How sad. Sometimes the thoughts of all the sad things my sweet little girls will find out about the awful world we in- sickness, death, murder, crime- makes me so sad. But, yes, thank God, I have something more to offer them. Hope, and a really big, loving God, and eternity.

On another note, we listen to my teen's ferrets rattle around in their cage all night. Why do they get so energetic at 10:00pm? Actually, one ferret is loosing fur. It'll be several hundred dollars to fix him I think. We don't have that right now... what a dilemma.

At 2:17 PM, Anonymous Dawn said...

Wow you and the the way you can put words just in the right places. Simply an awesome post Heather!

At 4:10 PM, Blogger Fred said...

I'm so thankful that Mom and Dad are still here and healthy. When the day comes that I lose either of them, I'm afraid I'll lose it.

At 9:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My brother joked once that my mom died while I was at my friends house, but the truth was she was in a car accident and he said he said she was really okay, but i never got that far and was hysterical.. it's amazing what pulls you into reality sometimes.

Great post heather!


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