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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Wednesday's Word

Today's word is something that's been on my heart lately. Like I wrote on Monday, at times it seems that Christians must face hard times while those in the world seem to live a life of ease. (This isn't really true. It's just our perception. Otherwise why would millionaires be addicted to heroine or cocaine. These people are searching, and though it seems they are happy on the outside, they are empty on the inside) Okay, sorry for the rabbit trail, but I wanted to clear myself up.
Anyway, I've heard people say, "Why do bad things happen to good people?" My question back is, "Why not?" I mean, Romans tells us that we are all sinners and there is none righteous. None. Not even one. So if we are all sinners living in a sin-cursed world, what is there to keep us from going through trials. Christ doesn't put us in a protective bubble when we are saved. He doesn't promise a life of ease. He promises He'll be with us to the end.

So today's word is "longsuffering."

Actual meaning: Patiently enduring wrongs or difficulties.

Meaning to me: A Christian's ability with the Spirit's help to endure any trial that life brings

As I said above, we live in a sin-cursed world. Jesus died to save us from our sin, but we are still in the world. However, we are not to be of the world. The same kind of things that happen to the unsaved person down the road can just as easily happen to us. Matthew 5:45 tells us, "for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust."
Because we are in the world, we will face the trials of this world until Christ takes us home to heaven. But we should handle life's problems differently. The unsaved person down the street may turn to drugs or alchohol. We are to turn to God and trust completely in His care. If we trust in Him, we will be able to bear anything. We will show the fruit of longsuffering. (Galatians 5:22)
So are you in a valley today? If you are, are you handling it God's way or the world's way? We are to be a "separate people." (II Corinthians 6:17) When we are saved we are no longer of this world. So look to God. Allow Him to work in you through whatever trial you are facing. Your attitude of longsuffering may be what reaches those around you.


At 10:40 AM, Blogger Janet Rubin said...

Not the most fun post, but so full of truth. Terrific insights. I'm so thankful that God is longsuffering or there'd be no hope for me:)

At 12:52 PM, Blogger T. Suzanne Eller said...

Thanks, Heather. I'm so glad you stopped by the site, Real Teen Faith. Another one is 412Live. Hope you love it too.

Suzanne Eller

At 7:26 AM, Blogger GiBee said...

Your meaning... A Christian's ability with the Spirit's help to endure any trial that life brings

Key word (that jumps out at me) -- ENDURE. We are not promised a bed of roses. And we aren't going to like everything that comes our way -- in fact, many things might seem unbearably painful ... but we can ENDURE.

Thanks for this awesome reminder!!!

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