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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

New Year's Already?

It is amazing to think how time has flown by over the holidays. I could hardly believe it when I had to set my alarm clock last night to come back to work. But hey, I'm very thankful I had a job to come back to. Many did not, so I start this new year off with a thankful heart.
I had promised myself that I would do a regular post today, but I am so behind on e-mails and other things here at work, that I must beg one more day. So I pray that each of you had a blessed Christmas and are also thankful as you have entered into the year 2008.
I must also offer up a prayer request for my sister, Crystal. She has been suffering with an absessed tooth since Christmas day. Our dentist was off until today, and she will be going to see him at 10 this morning. Please pray that she will get some relief from the pain!
Also, thanks for the prayers for my Aunt Teri, she is doing well after her surgery and was able to be at our family Christmas celebration and at church this past Sunday! God is good!


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