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Thursday, December 13, 2007

In the Words of Trace and Raegan...WOOHOO and YIPPEE!

Lately, my adorable niece and nephew have been saying WOOHOO and YIPPEE to everything. Especially a phone call from their Uncle Ben who they would like to have living much closer.
So today I'm taking their favorite words and using them myself! Why? you might ask. Well because the wonderful people at VF Corporation have given us half a day off just because. Plus they gave us a gift card to boot. Now I'm not a shopper by any stretch of the imagination, but trust me, I will take free money any day, and right here at Christmas, it's extra nice!
So I have things to do before getting out of here (like getting food from the brunch buffet they setup for us!) But I'll post a normal post tomorrow. To all of you working people out there, may your Christmas be blessed with some much needed time off! And maybe, just maybe I'll have a special surprise tomorrow. Just offer up a prayer for cooperation! (I'll explain tomorrow!)

***And in all seriousness, please pray for my Aunt Teri. She's been having severe pain in her neck and has had some loss of use in her left arm. She had an MRI this morning. Please pray that she'll receive some answers from this test quickly. Better yet, pray that God would remove this pain from her body entirely. Thanks to all you prayer warriors out there!***


At 12:11 PM, Blogger Susanne said...

I never turn a gift card down either. ;v)

I actually have a whole week off at Christmas so I'm doing a Woohoo and Yippee, too!


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