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Monday, February 16, 2009

But the Greatest of These Is LOVE

Well blogging buddies, I know I haven't been a regular poster lately. I've been in the bloggy blahs I guess. My creative juices just have not been flowing, and it seems I can't put two words together and have them make sense. I will try to be better, I promise!!
Being that last Saturday was Valentine's Day, I heard a few messages over the weekend on LOVE. Now I must say that I spent much of this weekend saying that Valentine's day is a commercial made-up holiday. Pretty much, I don't like to focus on the fact that I'm not married, I haven't really got a prospect of being married, and all that. Pretty much Valentine's Day went by without my even caring.
But last night's message didn't get by me. I realized that my attitude probably wasn't that great. Love is not just about marriage. Love is not about my ideas of what my life should be. Love is a DECISION. A decision to treat people God's way. And not just the people that are easy to love.
But also the people who do their best to be unlovable. Love is patient. Love is kind. Love endures all things. Hopes all things. Believes all things. It suffers long.
It's not just a fly by night feeling surrounded with fireworks. It's something lasting. Something eternal. And it doesn't quit. I guess that's why God considers love to be the greatest thing. Because everything else hinges on love.
Love is what held Jesus to that cross. Love is why God sent His only Son. Love is what saved my soul. Love is what holds me.
And God wants me to share that love with others. That is His ultimate plan for me. No matter how all the pieces end up together in my life. So happy belated Valentine's Day, everyone. May you be filled with God's love today!


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