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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Jesus Take the Wheel

One of my current favorite songs is Jesus Take the Wheel by Carrie Underwood. The words just says it all:

Jesus take the wheel, take it from my hands,
I can't do this on my own.

That's just it. We can't do anything on our own. My reading today finished the story of Joseph. Now if anyone ever gave control of his life over to God, it was Joseph. I don't know about you, but if I'd been sold into slavery by my brothers I'd probably have a bad attitude about it. I would've gone around angry and not done a very good job at what my master wanted me to do. Not Joseph. He worked to the best of his ability, and he was given a position of importance in Potiphar's house.
Of course Potiphar's wife lied about Joseph when he refused to lie with her, and he was thrown into prison. Right about that time I'd probably have been pretty hot. I mean he did what was right. He didn't sin against God, yet he was thrown into prison.
But did Joseph let that get him down? No, he continued to work for God. He continued to use all of the opportunities that God brought his way. He interpreted the dreams of the butler and the baker. Rather than sitting in his cell sulking, he helped out two other prisoners who were troubled by their dreams.
Because of what he did, the butler remembered Joseph when Pharoah was troubled by a dream. Joseph was brought out of prison and made second in command. Only the Pharoah was above him.
I'm sure when Joseph found himself bound on the back of a camel travelling to Egypt to be sold into slavery he never dreamed that he'd one day rule over all of Egypt. He never dreamed he'd save nations from starvation during a time of terrible famine. He never dreamed that the same brothers who had sold him into slavery would come to him in need. But that's just what happened.
Joseph kept his faith in God, and God accomplished great things through Joseph's life. So the next time you don't understand what's happening in your life remember to stay close to God. He has wonderful things in store for you if you just let Him take control.

Todays reading: Genesis 40:12 - Genesis 50:26


At 6:53 AM, Blogger Peggy said...

Thanks so much for posting the bible readings for each day. I am trying to do more devotions each day and like you pray more daily. Please continue to keep me in your prayers. Things here at home are stressful to say the least but God will get us through.

At 4:19 AM, Blogger Oreo said...

Thanks for the reminder! Just let Him have it, that's what I need to do.

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