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Friday, May 05, 2006

Food for Friday

Okay, on my other blog I posted a recipe today. Not my usual thing, but it was asked for so I posted it. (If you like lime chicken, go over there and check it out.) Anyway, it got me to thinking about a verse. Yes, something strange has once again sparked my brain. This should be amazing you less and less by now!
Anyway, I got to thinking about how much these human bodies rely on food. I mean we could go a while without it. Days even. Possibly weeks or maybe even a month. (There are times I think I could live for years just off of the fat in my body.) But the point is pretty soon we get weak. We wear down. Our stomachs growl and beg for sustenance.
We need food to stay alive. That's why I think it is so interesting that Jesus referred to Himself as "The Bread of Life." (John 6:35-48) It's something we get. In this passage, people had come to Jesus wanting him to miraculously feed him, as He'd done for the 5,000. Jesus was trying to tell them that He was offering them so much more. He told them He was that He was the Bread of Life and that those who came to Him would never hunger or thirst.
They didn't want the spiritual aspect though. They wanted Him to satisfy their physical needs and nothing more.
I think many of us are like that. We want to go to God like He's Santa Clause. We ask that He will help us pay the rent or make grandma better. But we don't want the relationship with him.
Like yesterday I talked about prayer. Prayer is important, and God wants you to come to Him. But the prayers that truly change things are the prayers of the righteous. (James 5:16)
Those living a righteous life are those striving to follow God's will. No, these people aren't perfect. They're forgiven by God, and they know that their lives belong to Him.
I learned a long time ago that before my prayers could change the world, they had to change me. In other words, if I wanted a good prayer life, I needed to go to God and ask for a close relationship with Him. I needed to make sure that there was nothing between God and myself. And I had to go to His Word and search out the promises He has for us.
He wants us to come to Him, but just like Jesus had to teach the disciples to pray, He has to teach us.
So go to Him today. Search His Word. Humble yourself before Him. Then He will heal your land. (II Chronicles 7:14)


At 9:35 AM, Blogger Kelly Klepfer said...

Before I go snag that Lime Chicken recipe - sounds great - just a little comment. Surprise - a comment from me - I'm usually so quiet. Ha.

Nice devotional. A few years ago God made me do an extended fast. Okay, He encouraged me until I decided it was a good idea.

Of all the food I love, guess what I craved... not chocolate (major shock) not ice cream, not meat ...


That little thing was almost worth the fast. Because it all boiled down to the need I had - Jesus and Him alone.

He is so amazing.

At 11:36 AM, Blogger GiBee said...

Great post ... as usual! Love coming here.

Now ... off to find a great lime chicken recipe. Know of any?

At 6:19 AM, Blogger Fat Pants said...

The Lord's prayer is so beautiful and I often think of it. It starts out with praise, asks for god's will to be done, a request for substance but nothing more, asking for frogiveness which in tied to our forgiving others,direction to stay on the right path,ends with praise.

At 7:42 AM, Blogger C. H. Green said...

Great thoughts!


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