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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Stay With His Plan

Sorry for the delay in posting around here. It has been a hectic few days. I had my church shower Sunday, work has been really busy as I prepare for my time off, I've been spending my evenings putting together strollers and Pack N Plays and swings, and well, you get the picture.
Anyway, my grandpa preached a great message on Sunday morning, and it really made me think. It was about Abraham. Now we all know about Abraham. He left all he knew and followed God. He was a hero of the faith mentioned in Hebrews 11. He's one of the greatest men in Biblical history.
But what grandpa's message focused on was the fact that Abraham (or Abram as he was originally known) did not start out that way. See, Abraham had a few obedience issues. He sort of listened to God, but he adjusted the plan a bit more to his comfort zone.
If you look at Genesis 12:1, "Now the LORD had said unto Abram, Get thee out of thy country, and from thy kindred, and from thy father's house, unto a land that I will shew thee:"
It says that the Lord HAD said unto Abram. That means at some point before he and his father and his entire family moved TOWARD Canaan in chapter 11 he had been called. But Abram didn't quite do that. He didn't leave all of his kindred. He went with his father. And he didn't go to that land where God was leading. He stopped in Haran where his father had chosen to stop, and he didn't leave until his father died.
But God didn't give up on His plan, or on Abram. He reminded Abram of his call, and once Abram's father had died, Abram began to follow that call. He still had a few bumps along the way (fallout with his nephew Lot, lying down in Egypt, having an extramarital affair), but ultimately Abram came to the place where he became the hero of faith we know today.
Basically what I'm saying is that none of us are perfect. Abram started out as an idolater. He was from Ur of the Chaldees. But God saw what he could be, and He called Abram to a better plan, a better life. And like all of us, Abram took a path with a few twists and curves, but he eventually learned that following God completely was the ONLY way to live.
So if you find yourself in a place of disobedience, realize that you don't have to stay there. God still has a plan for you. He can still make something great and blessed out of your life. You just have to get back to His plan.


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