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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Girl, She has Stuff

Well, Alaena has officially been on her first out of town trip. She and I went down to my brother's house for Memorial Day weekend, and let me tell you. This girl has some stuff. I mean I knew she had it all, and it was just a few months back I was sorting it all out, but until I went to pack all of the stuff she'd need for the weekend, I don't think I realized the massive amounts of stuff she has!
I mean, whatever had come our way, we were prepared. But you know that's just how it should be. We should always be ready for what comes our way in life. We should be ready for the storm before it comes.
And we prepare ourselves for those storms by praising God and learning about Him long before the clouds are in the sky. I heard a preacher say something the other day that really hit me. He said, if you pray in the victorious times, you will never crumble in defeat. In other words, if you have a relationship with God while things are going good, you won't fall to pieces when the troubled times come.
Our relationship with God is something we should constantly be working on, no matter what the circumstances in our lives are.
So trust Him today, no matter where you are in life, and you'll be prepared when the storms come your way!