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Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day, Round 1

Well, yesterday was my very first mother's day being a mother, and I must say that I like the little celebration. I got "youngest mother" at my church which got me a $20 dollar gift certificate to Family Bookstore. Now I can buy a new book to read while I pump for Alaena, being that pump time is the only reading time I really have right now, but I'd much rather spend time with Alaena then read anyway.
But in honor of mother's day, I figured I would give you a rundown of what my life as a mother has been like thusfar (of course this will be the condensed list type version because this could go on forever!)

1. Blessed - I just don't know what I would do without this little girl. Her smiles lift my spirits. Her funny little actions make me laugh out loud. Plus, God has provided for both of us in a way that can only be described as miraculous. Last Sunday someone just handed me $40, and said God had told him to do it. I am most definitely blessed beyond measure.
2. Scary - Just the thought that I am responsible for this little life blows my mind. Every cry just wrenches right to my heart. And yes, I know babies will cry, and sometimes you have to let them cry it out. But there's always the thought back there where I wonder if this cry means something is really wrong, and what if I don't realize it? So I check on her regularly even if I am trying to let her "soothe herself." Then there's the thought that I'm spiritually responsible for her in the crazy world we live in.
3. Hilarious - I have stories about being peed on or watching my child pee on someone, or having her pass gas louder than a man at my friends house. And stories about how she can kick out of shoes as fast as you put them on, which shows she really is a Smith.
4. Mystifying - There are some things I'll never understand, like why her fingers are so much better than a pacifier, or why the red thing that covers the screws on her swing is so hypnotizing, or why the part of bathtime she doesn't care much for is the part after the bath when I put lotion on her. I also don't know where all the baby socks disappear to in the wash.
5. Rewarding - There is no better feeling than to have someone else be holding her and have her look around the room until she finds me and then to have her eyes lock on me until she's back in my arms. She just knows that with me is where she's supposed to be.
6. Fun - Now, I never plan to be a parent who pushes my child to do anything they don't want, and I refuse to turn my child into a "tiny adult" by making her up, but I love to dress her up in her cute little dresses and shoes (because I LOVE shoes). I also love doing her "excercises" with her. She especially likes to "row the boat" while I sing the song (my singing these days is becoming more and more infused with baby songs, Skidamarink a dinky dink is a phrase that often passes my lips).
Like I said, this list could go on forever, but I just wanted to share a little bit with you guys about my mommy days. What are some of your feelings on being a mom?


At 4:57 PM, Blogger Shalee said...

Happy - I know that I've got two additional sources who provide unconditional love, not to mention that they make me laugh... a lot.

Frustrated - Although they bring great joy, they have plenty of moments where they don't treat each other very nice. I'm frustrated that we have the SAME CONVERSATIONS over and over again.

Hopeful - I have great hope for them as fellow believers in Christ. The Girl has already been added to the family. My guess is that The Boy isn't too far behind.

Tired - It takes a lot of energy to be a parent! Sheesh. I need a massage or something...

I'm so glad that you had such a beautiful Mother's Day, Heather!


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