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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Five Months? It Can't Be

Well, Alaena is five months old today. It doesn't seem possible, it has flown by, but I can't really remember life before she came along. And I would never go back to life before mommyhood!
We're getting into more of a routine each day. She'll get up in the morning and eat just before I leave for work, so I get to enjoy her smiles and laughter first thing. Then I have to go to work. When I get home we spend some play time together, then it's time for cereal. Now that is where it really gets interesting. A five month old is anything but neat when eating cereal. Despite my best efforts she ends up covered in the stuff. I've decided my best route of action is to strip her to the diaper, feed her then give her a bath. Because that cereal it is sticky!
Sometimes I wonder if God does me the same way. He allows me to get into my sticky messes, but He is always right there to clean me up when I come back to Him. He bathes me in His mercy and forgiveness. Then at times I run right back to the sticky mess, and He'll clean me up again. I'm so thankful for that never-ending supply of mercy.
What about you?


At 5:04 AM, Blogger Shalee said...

That was a brilliant, perceptive connection, Heather. You know that's how it is with me. I'm constantly making a mess and then running to Daddy to clean me up. Just once, I'd like to approach him without that "I need a bath" feeling.

I'm thankful for Mr. Right who is a doll during all this packing. I'm thankful for the friends who have invited us over so we won't have to cook. I'm thankful for the cool summer we've had so far. I'm thankful that God made blogging so that we have a way to connect!


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