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Monday, July 07, 2008

Mommy Time Monday

Well blogging buddies, it is bright and early Monday morning, and I'm back at work after a long fourth of July weekend, and I decided to give you a mommy update.
It is getting tougher to leave Alaena each week. She just keeps getting more and more personality. I also believe she is getting another tooth, but other than the fact that she seems to want to chew on everything, it hasn't really had a bad affect on her.
She has learned to scrunch her nose when she smiles, which is apparently a Smith trait that passes along from generation to generation. My grandma does it, my dad does it, I do it, and now Alaena does it.
She has also turned into somewhat of a flirt. Someone will smile at her and she'll grin and turn her head against me and laugh.
So basically that's how my days have been filled lately. Enjoying the silly antics of my little one, and rejoicing in each new day that the Lord gives me with her. How has life been for you guys?


At 4:24 PM, Blogger Kelly Klepfer said...

Hey Stranger back at ya.

I can't believe your little doll is four months old.

Can I chime in with a late congratulations?

She is beautiful. Little girls are born knowing how to flirt, just takes a bit of time to manage those fluttering eyelashes and coy looks. : )

Thanks for stopping by. I don't talk at you much, but everytime you flit past my thoughts I send up a prayer.

At 5:07 AM, Blogger Shalee said...

Oh, that flirt bit could cause you some heart palpitations in about 14 years... :o)

We're good. Our 4th was wonderful and busy. God is continually blessing us every single day.

At 10:58 AM, Anonymous amy said...

what a beautiful baby!!!


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