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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Faith Like That - David

Today I'm going to start a series called "Faith Like That." I'll be looking at some of the heroes of the faith in a bit of a different angle. I'm going to look at their lives from the perspective of those around them. Imagine what you would have thought had you seen some of these faith heroes in action. Today we're going to take a look at David's battle with Goliath. (found in I Samuel 17.)
Imagine that you’re one of David’s brothers. He comes up to you with provisions from home, and like the pesky little brother he is he starts to pester you with questions.
“How’s the battle going, guys? Are the Israelites winning? Have you met King Saul?”
“Of course I’ve met Saul,” you might say, “Anybody who is anybody has met Saul.”
“I hope I get to meet Saul one day.”
“You’re just a kid, David! What would Saul want to meet you for?” you answer him.
All of the sudden while you are talking, Goliath comes on the scene to make his challenge. “Come on, you Israelites. Isn’t one of you brave enough to face me? Out of all of your mighty armies, isn’t there one?”
You try to hide your fear of Goliath from David, but it’s impossible. You are shaking all over. There is no way to beat the giant, not single-handedly. He’s too big, too strong, and too cruel. David starts talking again, and you try to listen to what he is saying.
“Who is this guy anyway? Doesn’t he know who he’s dealing with? Hasn’t he heard about the God that is on our side? Has he never heard about what God did for Moses against Pharoah or how Joshua destroyed Jericho without a weapon?”
Now this makes you mad. Your little twerp of a brother is over there talking big while you are scared to death. What does he know anyway? you think. He’s just a kid, just a little shepherd. He knows nothing about battle.
“Get on home, David. You’re only here to see some action. You need to get back home to your sheep!”
“Why are you mad at me, brother? Father sent me here. Is there really no one who will fight this godless Philistine?”
You choose to ignore him. He doesn’t understand, and maybe if you ignore him long enough he’ll be quiet and go home. Several minutes later you turn to find that David is gone. Finally! You think to yourself. You hunker down in your trench more, as you listen to Goliath rail on and on for several minutes. How long would this Philistine make challenges before he charged the camp backed by thousands of other Philistines? How long would you be sitting here in fear for your life. You sit for a long while until suddenly there is a stir in the crowd. Word finally reaches you, someone is going to face Goliath.
What kind of crazy man would face this giant? He will surely die. It’s suicide, you think.
You turn to see your other brothers running towards you as you try to get a glimpse of the poor mindless fellow that has decided to lose his life to look brave.
“Do you recognize who that is?” One asks.
“No, I can’t really see him yet.” You say.
“It’s David, that’s who it is. We were near Saul’s quarters, and we saw David charge in there and say that he would accept Goliath’s challenge. He’s going to die!”
“What in the world would make him do such an insane thing?” You ask of them.
Neither of them answer you, then your attention is drawn away. The giant is laughing, bent over double. Saying, “Is this your mighty man? Don’t mock me. He’s only a child!”
“Great, not only is our brother going to be dead, but we are going to be the laughing stock of the entire army,” you tell your brothers.
David was talking to the giant now. You couldn’t hear him, but he sure wasn’t making that giant happy! Suddenly Goliath starts to charge, and you cover your eyes, not able to bear the sight of your brother being slain by the giant. Then you hear those around you begin to cheer! You peek between your fingers to see what in the world is going on. Goliath is on the ground, and David is on the giant’s chest, proclaiming the victory of the Lord God Almighty.
You join the cheers, and you run with those around you to capture the retreating Philistines. All the time, you are thinking, why wasn’t my faith so strong?
Have you ever been like one of David’s brothers. You don’t hear much about them in the Bible, you only see that they were passed over in God’s choice for king and that they were too afraid to face Goliath. Not much of a legacy is it?
What made the difference? They were all raised by the same parents. They shared the same chores. What made David so special that God chose him as the future king of Israel? What gave him the courage to stand before Goliath?
The answer is simple. He had a true relationship with God. He trusted God for everything. If a bear or a wolf or a lion came into his fields to try to attack his sheep, he trusted God to give him the strength to come against them. He had learned to trust God in the small things of daily life, and when the big test came, He passed with flying colors. His faith in God won the battle that day.

Do you have a true relationship with God. Are you trusting in the God that you've heard about over and over. Or are you sitting back thinking, "There is no way God can overcome THIS giant"? Well, let me tell you, if you have faith God can help you overcome every problem, great or small. You just have to remember what kind of God you're trusting in!



At 11:13 AM, Anonymous Dawn said...

So girl...when you going to start writing that devotional book??? hmmmm this would be great in it :)

no joke you really need to write a book!!!! ok I love the last paragraph and I've printed it out to share with a friend!

Awesome always :)

At 3:02 PM, Blogger staceyhoff said...

great post!

At 6:36 PM, Blogger Sista Cala said...

I am so thankful that I was taught at an early age, the story of David and his faith. Through the years it became less about David and more about his faith in the One he loved.


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