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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Talking to the Right Person Always Helps

Yep, I'm still hanging in here! So, she'll be a February baby after all. But hey, I love February's birthstone so yay for that!
Anyway, I haven't posted in several days because well, to be honest, you probably wouldn't have wanted to read my post! I went to the Dr. (if she can truly be called that) this past Friday. In short, I was tired from lack of sleep and in a lot of pain. And she pretty much asked no questions and didn't really give me much opportunity to ask any. She pretty much just wanted to get me in and out.
So I left out of there in a bad mood. And that's putting it nicely I think. Of course my anger got directed at you know, everybody but the "Dr" who had given me no answers. Which was wrong.
I had another appointment yesterday, and I saw a much better REAL Dr. He answered lots of questions and offered helpful suggestions. And my attitude is much improved. No, he didn't know when she would come. He pretty much said it's up to Alaena (who I have apparently made it very comfortable in there for!) But he said she could come anytime and offered suggestions to try to help me sleep better, excercises I could do, etc. He also put my mind at ease because he has my health and Alaena's health at his top list of priorities.
I guess talking to the right person always helps. My attitude should have been better regardless, but I did pray about it. Honestly I did, and I think God got me an appointment with the right Dr. yesterday.
So, today I'm just not stressing. It's all good, and she'll come when she is ready. Also, I slept better last night thanks to the good Dr's suggestions so, yay for that! Will keep you guys posted.
***As a side note, my Carolina Tarheels play Duke tonight. And I do believe it would be of God if Carolina beat Duke on the day Alaena was born, so I kind of have that hope. But if she isn't born today, I would just be happy to have Carolina beat Duke!! LOL!***


At 8:58 AM, Anonymous Dawn said...

We are all waiting and ready for little Miss Alaena to arrive. Yes I know not as much as you're ready for her to get here :) Try to take care and get some rest. Thinking about you! Love ya girl..hang it there!

At 8:20 PM, Blogger Janet Rubin said...

Oh wow! Heather, I just decided to check on you (today is Saturday.) I bet you have a baby! At least I hope you do. After reading the last two posts, you sound good and ready. Praying for you. You'll be a wonderful mommy. Can't wait to see pics! God bless you, sister.

At 5:23 AM, Blogger Laura said...

Can't wait to see your beautiful baby...but, in the mean time, please take care of yourself. I KNOW it's hard waiting now...I have had six, three of which were around 3 WEEKS late. Just keep doing what the good Doc recommended...she'll be here soon enough!

At 7:34 PM, Blogger Diane said...

Well, my dear, as many a mother before you have discovered....those little ones have a mind of their own!~ She will be here soon; it seems the time just stands still at 40 weeks! God Bless you sweety...and let us know--PUH-LEEZ--as soon as you're doing. And of course, we're all just welcome little Miss Alaena!



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