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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I Won Them Over

This week is Bible School at my church, and after a year's hiatus, I am back in the rotatation of teaching. Challenge number one after time off? The middle schoolers class.
Now if any of you have ever been around middle schoolers, you know that they are a cool bunch. Too cool to do something stupid in front of their friends. It was lame for them to have to come to Bible School in their minds. So I knew that I had to do something to win them over.
So rather than just sitting them in the classroom and teaching them, I opted for the scavenger hunt approach. They went from clue one finding a ring to clue 9 finding a cup of water. They read all the verses along the way, and by the time we reached the classroom, they knew all about Moses and Miriam and the Pharoah's daughter. And you know what else? They were SMILING and HAVING FUN.
Problem is, I've got to do the same thing for four more nights. So pray that I will have creative thoughts coming my way because I truly believe that middle school is such a critical age. Keeping them interested in God's Word at this age could shape their entire futures.
Hope all of you are doing well!

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Monday, July 21, 2008

It's a Choice

Well blogging buddies, I have to share a verse with you today that really hit me. Check out Psalm 119:30, "I have chosen the way of truth: thy judgments have I laid before me."
See, this is something so obvious, but it was something I needed reminding of today. Doing the right thing is a CHOICE. And it's not just a choice you make once. It's a daily choice. A daily choice to keep God's laws before you and follow them.
There have been many times where it seemed like it would be so much easier to do the wrong thing, but God's ways are always best, even if it doesn't seem very easy at the time.
So today, I'm making the choice to do the right thing and to keep God's Word before me as a reminder of what that right thing is. Will you join me?

Also, could you please pray for Alaena. She has a sinus infection. Nothing too serious, but it breaks my heart to hear her little cough and see her weak little eyes! Thanks everyone!

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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Five Months? It Can't Be

Well, Alaena is five months old today. It doesn't seem possible, it has flown by, but I can't really remember life before she came along. And I would never go back to life before mommyhood!
We're getting into more of a routine each day. She'll get up in the morning and eat just before I leave for work, so I get to enjoy her smiles and laughter first thing. Then I have to go to work. When I get home we spend some play time together, then it's time for cereal. Now that is where it really gets interesting. A five month old is anything but neat when eating cereal. Despite my best efforts she ends up covered in the stuff. I've decided my best route of action is to strip her to the diaper, feed her then give her a bath. Because that cereal it is sticky!
Sometimes I wonder if God does me the same way. He allows me to get into my sticky messes, but He is always right there to clean me up when I come back to Him. He bathes me in His mercy and forgiveness. Then at times I run right back to the sticky mess, and He'll clean me up again. I'm so thankful for that never-ending supply of mercy.
What about you?

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Monday, July 07, 2008

Mommy Time Monday

Well blogging buddies, it is bright and early Monday morning, and I'm back at work after a long fourth of July weekend, and I decided to give you a mommy update.
It is getting tougher to leave Alaena each week. She just keeps getting more and more personality. I also believe she is getting another tooth, but other than the fact that she seems to want to chew on everything, it hasn't really had a bad affect on her.
She has learned to scrunch her nose when she smiles, which is apparently a Smith trait that passes along from generation to generation. My grandma does it, my dad does it, I do it, and now Alaena does it.
She has also turned into somewhat of a flirt. Someone will smile at her and she'll grin and turn her head against me and laugh.
So basically that's how my days have been filled lately. Enjoying the silly antics of my little one, and rejoicing in each new day that the Lord gives me with her. How has life been for you guys?

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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

It May Be Wednesday, but I'm Still Grateful

Well, I missed doing Gratituesday for two weeks in a row now. Last week I was on vacation. Just me and my girl had a "stay-cation" at home last week while my mom and dad went to the beach. It was great. So even though I missed the actual day, I still want to do a Gratituesday.
I am thankful for the time I got to spend with my little angel last week. She is getting so much personality, and I loved getting so much one on one time with her.
I am also thankful to say that we got through our first teething experience pretty much painlessly. Sunday was a bit of a struggle, and I wanted to cry with her, but after her first pearly white made an appearance on Monday, she was her happy, sunny self. So in my opinion, one bad day isn't that bad in the world of teething.
I am thankful that I only have to work three and a half days this week. Yay for the Fourth of July! I get to spend more time with Alaena!!!
Hope you guys are having a great week and thanking God for your blessings!